BUYER BEWARE: New product that will aggravate metabolic damage & adrenal fatigue

June 16th , 2012 → 2:01 pm @

BUYER BEWARE: Damian & I conquered my adrenal fatigue & thyroid/Hashimoto’s disease naturally thru major nutrition, nutraceutical & environmental lifestyle shifts in how to manage and optimize human body energy systems naturally, just four years ago. In total I was suffering from five auto immune and endocrine system imbalances – candida, pancreas pesticide toxicity, & partial […]

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Cholesterol myths & managing your cholesterol naturally with nutrition

March 8th , 2012 → 3:23 pm @

  COPYRIGHT NOTICE:   This blog post is an article by Heather Dube’ published in On Fitness magazine Nov/Dev 2011 issue  Clean Nutrition Report sold at Barnes N Noble & Whole Foods Market retailers worldwide. Back issues are available for purchase on the On Fitness magazine website. _________________________________________________________________________   Debunking the western medicine food politics […]

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