BUYER BEWARE: New product that will aggravate metabolic damage & adrenal fatigue

June 16th , 2012 → 2:01 pm @

BUYER BEWARE:┬áDamian & I conquered my adrenal fatigue & thyroid/Hashimoto’s disease naturally thru major nutrition, nutraceutical & environmental lifestyle shifts in how to manage and optimize human body energy systems naturally, just four years ago. In total I was suffering from five auto immune and endocrine system imbalances – candida, pancreas pesticide toxicity, & partial […]

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3 Ways to Boost Glutathione Naturally & Why You Should Care

February 3rd , 2012 → 1:31 pm @

After returning from my trip this week to travel to the Functional Cranial Release Research Institute in Florida for my first FCR treatment to naturally conquer debilitating symptoms my rare neurological disorder of over 20 years, palatal brachial myoclonus, I’m now completing a 5 day follow up glutathione heavy metal detoxification process this week to […]

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Finding Healthful Balance in the Pause

December 27th , 2011 → 10:57 pm @

So I just want to chat openly for a minute about a word that is critically important in achieving true balanced health: perspective. I spent from late 2009 / early 2010 through end of 2011, almost two years, incredibly focused day in, day out on my athletic competitive goals in the sport of figure. The […]

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