Inside The You & Improved Coaching Kitchen – 1st Edition


Want to Naturally Increase Metabolism, Reduce Body Fat, Maximize Energy, & Heal Health Imbalances?



Learn how we eat firsthand in our own home to stay lean & healthy year-round with our OWN personal SECRET recipes!


Want to Naturally Increase Metabolism, Reduce Body Fat, Maximize Energy, & Heal Health Imbalances? This is THE Cookbook for YOU!

Our FIRST “Inside the You & Improved Coaching Kitchen” Cookbook is a YUMMY collection of *Quick & Easy* Comfort Food Recipes created by holistic nutrition recipe developer & nutrition coach, Damian Dube’.

This cookbook features 85 pages including healthy kitchen resources, shopping tips, food preparation charts & suggestions, and more! You’ll also receive 50 of our original holistic nutrition recipes: soups, desserts, snacks, side dishes, breakfast, lunch & dinners.

Sample Recipe Below…



  • Learn how to cook
  • *quick & easy*whole foods nutrition meals for family you can feel good about!
  • Discover our *secrets* to making nourishing meals tasty & unique EVERY time!
  • Get the exact unique meals we eat, with the right balance of nutrient sources so you can easily & *naturally increase metabolism, reduce body fat, & change body shape*
  • Explore how easy it is to prepare & enjoy All-Natural, Organic, Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Mostly Dairy & Soy-Free Whole Foods
  • Increase your energy, heal health imbalances, & eliminate food cravings!
  • Discover you can save time & work out less, when you target your nutrition!

Just $37.97!

NOTE: We have changed this product from an e-cookbook to a hardcopy print cookbook, so you will receive a cookbook shipped to your door when you order!

Most holistic nutrition cookbooks don’t compose meals with the proper nutrient balance to optimize metabolism for great body composition & shaping, easily & naturally. They are also not *originally created recipes* which means you can get THOSE recipes FREE online & thru resources; our recipes can only be found here…

You won’t find recipes like this anywhere else!! We promise.

“Inside the You & Improved Coaching Kitchen” is an ORIGINAL compilation of our OWN developed recipes based on UNIQUE nutrition science to BE LEAN, FIT & SHAPELY, yielding the BEST health & body results possible, in LESS time!Optimal whole foods nutrition done easy, enjoyable, with variety, for health, fast healing, great energy & a shapely body! ENJOY!!

YES, Damian & Heather! I Want to Eat Like You to Naturally Increase My Metabolism, Reduce Body Fat, Increase My Energy, & Quality of Health!

Please Ship Me My 85 page Cookbook!! “Inside The You & Improved Coaching Kitchen| Stay Lean & Healthy With Our Original Quick & Easy Winter Comfort Food Recipes”

Just $37.97!

P.S. – Here is the FR*EE Sneak Peek we promised you into our uniquely POWERFUL “whole meal” whole foods nutrition recipes!

We’re so certain you’ll be 100% blown away & satisfied with our recipes, that we’re giving you a *SNEAK PEEK*!

We’re offering you a FR*EE SAMPLE RECIPE to try – this is one of our clients absolute favorite recipes that pleases the whole family: Spaghetti Squash & Meat Sauce.… An alternative to refined pasta & meatballs done the healthy, tasty, easy whole foods nutrition way.

Let us know how much you enjoyed it!


Inside the You & Improved Coaching Kitchen Cookbook