Frequently Asked Questions

Programs & Services Inquiries

For more information regarding our advanced health, body & confidence transformation programs, the quickest way to reach our team is to use the contact form & submit your inquiry. Our Director of Client Care & Vendor Relations will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours to discuss your interests so our expert coaching team can offer a personalized coaching support recommendation tailored specifically to meet your unique health & body goals.

General Natural Health, Nutrition & Fitness Inquiries

If you have general inquiries in relation to your personal health, please post them on our facebook pages or Our team will do our best to respond, although with the volume of inquiries we receive not all questions may be answered.

Employment Inquiries

If you have talents & expertise our company would benefit from that you’d like to share for consideration that may not be listed in our employment section, we are always open to receiving & reviewing resumes from impressive , go-getter professionals in the natural health, nutrition and fitness industries. You may email your resume to

Product Order & Shipping Inquiries

Please direct any product order & shipping questions not addressed below to

Nutraceutical Orders:

*Please note our practitioner-grade nutraceuticals are the same quality as you would receive visiting a Chiropractor or Naturopath office. The product we send you is direct from the manufacturer and guaranteed nutrient quality. If you order the same products through non-controlled websites online, such as and other outlets, these are illegal non-approved distributors by the manufacturer, and you are not getting guaranteed original manufacturer nutraceuticals in doing so. These nutraceuticals must be purchased only through a qualified, approved health practitioner distributor.

  • Client nutraceutical orders are place 1-2x /week
  • You & Improved Coaching, LLC is a nutraceutical distributor, not a manufacturer, so be sure to place your orders 7-10 business days prior to when you need your product to account for transit time from the manufacturer to our company for our clients
  • Email nutraceutical order to & include any new, change of, or confirmation of existing billing & shipping information
  • Shipping fees are based on packaging size, & charged either with your order or at the time of shipment (Fee range $5.15 – $14.65)
  • If you have not received your order within 7-10 business days, contact for assistance

Cookbook Orders:

  • Batch cookbook orders are shipped out of the You & Improved Coaching, LLC office headquarters weekly every Monday / Tuesday with the exception of holidays or days we are closed for business; if you placed a cookbook order during the week, your order will be processed, fulfilled & shipped the following Monday/Tuesday
  • Once your cookbook order is processed, you will receive it via USPS 2 Day priority mail; please allow for this timeframe to pass prior to contacting for shipment tracking assistance
  • Please note extended fulfillment delay can occur on a very rare occasion if we are waiting on our next cookbook shipment from our printer & we experience delays from the printers end in which case we ask for your patience; we promise our original recipe cookbooks are very worth the wait

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