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The secret triggers that keep you fat and sick

Toxicology… the study of adverse effects of chemicals on the human body organism. Get to know this word if you truly want excellent health, improved metabolism, year round fat loss, and balanced health with ZERO health issues. The vast amount of toxins your environment, house products, & beauty products bombard your body organism with, ramp […]


6 Tips That Stop Your Mind From Bullying Your Body

I’m going to be honest, I had the worst five alarm hormonal fire mind battle today, I heard sirens in the distance. It was a roller coaster of crappy food cravings, no energy or focus to workout, random bouts of tears, and short of breath moments. We women particularly struggle with this mind battle & […]


Cholesterol myths & managing your cholesterol naturally with nutrition

  COPYRIGHT NOTICE:   This blog post is an article by Heather Dube’ published in On Fitness magazine Nov/Dev 2011 issue  Clean Nutrition Report sold at Barnes N Noble & Whole Foods Market retailers worldwide. Back issues are available for purchase on the On Fitness magazine website. _________________________________________________________________________   Debunking the western medicine food politics […]


3 Ways to Boost Glutathione Naturally & Why You Should Care

After returning from my trip this week to travel to the Functional Cranial Release Research Institute in Florida for my first FCR treatment to naturally conquer debilitating symptoms my rare neurological disorder of over 20 years, palatal brachial myoclonus, I’m now completing a 5 day follow up glutathione heavy metal detoxification process this week to […]


Finding Healthful Balance in the Pause

So I just want to chat openly for a minute about a word that is critically important in achieving true balanced health: perspective. I spent from late 2009 / early 2010 through end of 2011, almost two years, incredibly focused day in, day out on my athletic competitive goals in the sport of figure. The […]


Are You Using Food to Fill Your Soul?

Are You Using Food to Fill Your Soul? Here’s how to conquer this common spiritual life trap we see so many potentially vibrant souls fall into. Seek answers to the emotional/mental/spiritual void that food is physically filling for you.


3 Ways to Step Into Change Now

One of the things that makes us so passionate about the natural bodybuilding lifestyle, and participating as a national competitor in the sport of figure, is the way both celebrate the human bodies ability to evolve in and out of change. In our lifestyle, there is never a day we aren’t living on a made-for-us […]


3 Min Abs? Um, Not Quite…

Kudos to Pilar Gerasimo of Experience Life Magazine in her recent issue forward calling for industry transparency. There is no such thing as 3 min abs or quick fixes. Results take a bit longer than that, and industry resources making inaccurate claims are truly only perpetuating a failed mindset towards health & body for the […]


3 Ways Calorie, Fat & Sugar-Free Foods Sabotage Your Best Body

As a holistic nutritionist who competes as a natural women’s figure bodybuilding athlete, you see a lot of athletes & professionals working as a nutrition coach teaching clients to use a laundry list of calorie-free, fat-free or sugar-free foods for caloric reduction as a weight management technique. As someone whose suffered from serious illness such as chronic […]


10 Ways to Save Yourself BIG Time, Money & Heartache in Health Coaching

One of our industry nutrition & fitness expert mentors, Dr. John Berardi, PhD, & Founder Precision Nutrition released his 10 Things Elite Coaches Do list today. It’s a perfect example of what questions you should use when evaluating what coach is most likely going to be able to offer you the best results for your health […]


Monday Mindset Tip: Why Seeing & Feeling Change Matters to Stay In the Game

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Walking the path of daily commitment to changing the body

So 9 mos down on my training program, a 1/2 year or so more to go. And then there will be more work to do after. Entering the new year has made me very reflective on the hard work I completed in 2010 in my competitive goals, as well as my goals to continue to […]


A Day in the Life Looks Like…

Hey friends! Damian & I wanted to share some of the fun, wacky & unique things that go on in our world with you so we’ve posted a new album in the group that we’ll be updating with new ‘moments’ from time to time. It’s a look into the crazy, evolving, intense, fun lifestyle we […]

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Inside the You & Improved Coaching Kitchen | Thanksgiving Whole Grain Pie Crust

Wondering how you can strategize your health, but still enjoy the holidays like Thanksgiving?? Here’s a sneak peek into our kitchen on Thanksgiving Day 2010…. so you can experience how as both natural athletes & whole foods nutrition coaches we celebrate REAL food for the holidays & the gift of health that offer us, while […]


8 Quick Coaching Tips From a Healthy Business Traveler

So this week I’m attending a health coach business conference in Tuscon, AZ with other coaching colleagues learning incredible industry content to improve our business. As any small business owner knows that has a national or even local business, it’s critical to get out into your industry and connect with your colleague community on a […]