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Our 52 Year Old Client after program adjustments…great back development progress!

This client lost 10 LBs in just 1 week of using the custom nutrition plan we created for him…


Examples of corrective exercise for imbalance/injury healing, and advanced functional fitness for improved results!










































Our unique integrative health + body transformation nutrition approach leads to improved fat loss….



Client: Sherry Eklund | Phoenix, AZ


  • Conquered Lactose Intolerance/Food Allergies of 20 years
  • Weight Loss
  • Long-term Healthy Eating Commitment

“Working with Heather as my personal nutrition & fitness expert has changed my life. I no longer have food allergies, I make better eating choices and decisions, and have more energy. I love how Heather showed me how to turn almost any recipe into an organic (or at least, all natural) alternative. Thank you Heather!”  (Heather’s Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity)

Client: Maryann Dawson | Monroe, NY


  • Lowered Triglycerides & Improved Cholesterol Levels
  • Weight Management
  • Calmed Crohns Disease / Digestive Disruptions Naturally
  • Reduced Stress & Improved Energy
  • Improved Arthritis & Avoided Hand Surgery
  • Healed Acid Reflux & Eliminated Medications in Just a Few Sessions
  • Long-term Healthy Eating Commitment
  • Eliminated Joint Pain & Regulated Sleep
  • Lessened Menopause Symptoms Naturally
  • Improved Understanding of Human Body Nutrition for Healing/Wellness
  • Reversed Osteoporosis due to nutrient imbalance & acid reflux meds

“I always thought I knew what I needed to eat to keep my weight & health optimum. I had read a lot of books & watched numerous Dr.’s & authors on TV talk about what we should & shouldn’t eat to stay fit. Of course if I had an ailment, my Dr. would always prescribe a medication to remedy it! After coaching with You & Improved Coaching, I discovered I could really acheive optimum health with good nutrition & a supplementation program designed for me that would eliminate taking prescription medications & OTC medications for good! I didn’t realize that taking medications were actually bad for my health! And would never heal me. I can honestly say now, my life has changed forever!”

Client: Jenni Ashton | Middletown, NY


  • Weight Loss & Body Composition Transformation
  • Advanced Fitness & Nutrition Program Design Skills
  • Improved Energy
  • Lifestyle Transformation / Long-term commitment to whole foods nutrition & fitness

“I benefited greatly from working with You & Improved Coaching. I had a somewhat advanced knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating, but was still struggling with weight loss. I knew there was something missing that was preventing me from getting the results I wanted, and that was the gap that my coach was able to fill. I learned a lot more about the types of foods that were best for me, and it was great having a personalized nutrition and exercise plan to follow based on my specific goals. If you’re looking for help with a body transformation or with a holistic approach to health issues, you’ve come to the right place.”

Client: Holly Hisel | Rocklin, CA


  • Conquered Chronic/Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome
  • Eliminated Sleep & Mood Disruptions from Stress
  • CASE STUDY: Bringing the body & health back into balance *naturally* from severe illness when OVERstressed….

Holly came to us unknowingly in the early stages of chronic fatigue syndrome. She was experiencing extreme disruptions in stress levels, ability to sleep, loss of control of mood/emotions which were effecting her ability to not only work, but function, and unhealthy weight loss as a result of the stress due to extreme life circumstances she was bearing that her bodies natural stress response system (the adrenal glands) could not sustain simultaneously.  She was seeing a practitioner who was administering drugs for symptoms that were not helping to alleviate her health issues, & were further disrupting her sleep patterns & ability to gain positive health traction, further concerning her.

It was apparent we needed to get her on a solid healing program quickly that would nourish the immune system & hormones of the body naturally with the extra support necessary at a time in life where they were being more challenged than normal based on her life circumstances.

She needed to be stabilized to avoid an extreme case of chronic fatigue which would open her up to other health issues as her immune system continually weakened.

We put a strong individualized program together for her specific health challenges & stage of life including movement, rest & recuperation rituals , nutrition & supplementation which allowed her to decrease her toxic load & replenish her immune system’s strength.

Why did this work better in Holly’s case than medications & typical Western medicine approach?
Because we simply gave the body what it needed & was missing in this case to naturally strengthen it’s systems already in place so it could heal itself, vs. giving it medicines which often only numb symptoms, ignore causes, and overtax the body by adding to toxic load when it’s already overtaxed.

Holly shares her success story…

“You and Improved Coaching saved my life! Before I met Heather and Damian, I had endured severe emotional and physical distress due to an array of circumstances life had thrown at me. I was seeking professional help and was put on anxiety medication as a result. My body was shutting down and I wasn’t sleeping due to the anxiety. By the grace of God, I met Heather who brought my focus back to me. She designed a program to specifically fit my needs that included the emotional support I needed to get started. After only 2 weeks of following the nutrition & supplementation program she created for me, I was sleeping, eating, working out and finally feeling like me again. It’s been 2 months and I’ve never felt better in my life! My energy level is at its peak and I’m in the best physical condition of my life.”

Client: Raelene Ahlblad | San Jose, CA


  • Eliminated Acid Reflux/Digestive Disorder & Medications
  • Avoided Barrett’s Esophageal Cancer Naturally
  • Eliminated Stress & Mood Disruptions
  • Improved Nutrition Habits

“I was struggling with my health, stress, weight, acid reflux & digestive issues for a year & a half due to poor diet, work stress & long hours…and my symptoms were getting progressively worse. I was tired of having to use medications & other means everyday to manage my health & concerned if I continued on this path my acid reflex over time would turn into Barrett’s Syndrome which can develop into esophageal cancer, so I came to You & Improved Coaching for alternative solutions & support. Heather proved a life-changing resource by supporting me to develop positive behaviors that have had a huge impact on my health & well being. After just 4 weeks of your targeted health & healing nutrition program design, I was able to completely discontinue use of all my daily acid reflux medications of 18 months from my doctor! I  also experienced immediate noticeable improvements in my mental clarity & energy. Thank you Heather for all of your support and guidance. You have made a profound difference in my life!”

Client: Pat Brady – Corporate Employee Wellness Program | Roseville, CA


  • Weight Loss
  • Medication Reduction
  • Nutrition Healing
  • Lowered Cholesterol & Triglycerides Naturally

“Before my Employee Wellness Program with health coach support, I was 40 lb’s overweight & could not do more than 5 minutes of exercise. I was ready for positive change. After the support of You & Improved Coaching & the RHWC team, I lost 23 lbs! I also lowered my cholesterol, decreased medications, & feel more calm & clear of mind overall. Now I’m in control of my personal health & loving my newfound healthy lifestyle!”