The following is a list of You & Improved Coaching™, LLC Business Partners & Advisors.

Natural Health, Advanced Nutrition & Pro Fitness Industry Partners & Advisors

Brilliant Nutrition Biochemistry & Exercise Physiology Research Scientist & Founder Precision Nutrition, Inc., Dr. John Berardi, PhD, has been an industry advisor & mentor to You & Improved Coaching, LLC many years. To date, they have changed the lives & bodies of over 60,000 people in 100 countries. Their team boasts 25 top industry experts with Masters Degrees & PhD’s in the fields of health, nutrition, fitness, and human performance. They’ve published hundreds of articles & industry research studies.  They’ve coached thousands, from recreational exercisers to multiple gold medalists.  But most importantly, they live the principles they teach in their own body results.


Dr. Erin Fitzgerald, ND, & Founder of Nature Cure is a natural health partner of You & Improved Coaching, LLC. She is a family doctor in Scottsdale, AZ who treats each patient individually and examines the whole person for effective treatment approach. She can diagnose and treat acute and chronic disease via laboratory testing and exams to determine root cause. She incorporates the principles of Naturopathic Medicine focusing on Electrodermatherapy, Homeopathy, Botanical Medicine, & Nutritional therapeutics.

Natural Health, Nutrition & Fitness Industry Associations

Weston Price Foundation

National Association of Nutrition Professionals

American Association of Drugless Practitioners


American College of Sports Medicine

National Academy of Sports Medicine

National Physique Committee