You & Improved Coaching ™, LLC began in 2008 with one mission – to educate the public on how to take back their health safely, preventatively, & naturally from needless dis-ease & imbalance through leadership education on effective mind, body & spirit self-care life skills through advanced movement, nutrition & supplementation sciences, to, in turn, end the rise of lifestyle & nutrition-related disease, while shaping the health destiny of generations to come & turn the negative health tide of today’s world.

Our Mission

To take the versalite range of advanced health triumphs & challenges, industry leadership mentoring, & experiences & education our team has accrued over a lifetime of learning core natural health competencies, and pay them forward by bringing our advanced health capabilities & mindset to the mainstream as a coaching resource to achieve a 4-part goal:

  • enrich the lives of others by teaching them how to value their health & care for their bodies naturally by learning how they work internally each day for them, and how to use those processes to reach your health goals by supporting & living in harmony with your body
  • re-energize today’s women, who are often over-burdened & under-fulfilled by teaching them the skills to move from caretaker to self-caretaker™
  • take back the health of our dying youth who we’ve been handed a lifespan shorter than our own for the first time in history
  • create a ripple effect of natural healing throughout the world for generations to come

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