YES, we ARE athletes….but you don’t have to want to LOOK LIKE or BE an athlete to enjoy the FAST RESULTS our expert knowledge & training offers.

Whether you are an athlete or not, or whether you want to become one or not, we bet you’re here because you’re unhappy with at least a few things about your health & body, or you have a health & body goal that you can’t achieve on your own.

Something made you stop here… & that something – health & body goals – is something you have VERY in common with an athlete, EVEN a high performance competitive mastery athlete — as health & body goals are something we athletes live & over-achieve at every single DAY.



SO, let’s regroup. If YOU want to LEARN HOW TO…

  • CHANGE YOUR BODY in the fastest, most effective & healthful manner
  • Understand how your body & it’s integrated internal health systems work to be able to achieve your health & body goals by getting them to work to your advantage in a way that elicits quicker results
  • Develop a daily mindset of commitment to your body & be successful at it
  • Walk hand-in-hand with an industry LEADER & feed off their ability to show up daily with intense energy & motivation to ensure success
  • Be motivated by your teacher because they walk their talk daily & their body shows it from head to toe

…Then you’re in the right place. In fact, we’d go so far as to say you’ve hit the JACKPOT. Chi-CHING!

Coaches Heather & Damian Dube'

Because THESE are all the things you can learn & learn QUICKLY & EFFECTIVELY at an expert level from a high-performance competitive athlete. And why does that matter, you say? Well, because…

  • You will save time by getting the best results possible on the path of least resistance, & who couldn’t use more time?
  • You can take an extra vacation every year with the money you’ll save by no longer using or hiring dead-end resources
  • You will actually GET the results you are paying for – imagine that?!
  • You will have a bonfire party with all your friends to trash the diet books that have been taking up real estate in your home for the last 30+ years
  • You can annoy everyone else with your newly found vast health & body knowledge because you will finally be able to contradict all the intentionally misleading & incorrect media information regarding health, nutrition, & fitness online, in magazines, on the news & in the grocery store in this ‘everyone is an expert’ world about health, fitness, nutrition & the body where most fail to realize these are all very intense, ever-changing & STUDIED FOR A LIFETIME sciences – not knowledge gleaned from a cheerios box or your high school Phys Ed teacher


While YOU may not want to BE an expert athlete, that doesn’t negate the immense value in YOUR opportunity to MENTOR with one.

*Newsflash* – Athlete or not, we ALL have a HUMAN BODY to live in & a responsibility to take care of it effectively while we’re on this journey, and there are direct health & life consequences for how well we learn how to do this in our lifetime. In fact, you’re living the consequences as we speakinside and outside your body RIGHT NOW.

Even though you’ve been told otherwise by society for a lifetime, if you want to enjoy great health, it is up to YOU to learn & take personal responsibility to become empowered around YOUR health & body.

Your health & body are not your Dr’s responsibility, your health insurance companies responsibility, your drug companies responsibility, or your employers, or your mom & dad, & not even your genetics, NO…it’s up to YOU.



SO, what will YOU decide RIGHT NOW?

Why not learn from the BEST how to take care of your health & body, and reach your goals, so you can learn once & be DONE?

It’s always a smart betting move to resource those who are repeatedly showing success & expert results, as well as an expert level of knowledge, in an area where you’re looking to build your own personal skills.

In a world where everyone’s become an ‘expert’, when it comes to the advanced sciences of natural health, nutrition & fitness, seek out the professionals who let their own health & body results do the talking, not their sales copy.

This doesn’t have to mean you want to LOOK like your coach, it just guarantees you’re in very professional competent hands.

Our advanced products & programs offer fast, visible body shaping results giving you the energetic confidence to attract more joy, love & success & the body you deserve at any stage of life. Without expert coaching, you risk years of wasted time & money with little to no results while missing out on a soul mate, dream job, or key opportunity.

It’s your life experience & even your body to create. Why not become one of those really annoyingly overly happy, joyful, energetic, fit, healthy & age-defying people?

The 1ST STEP is realizing YOU CAN LEARN A LOT from an expert athlete, no matter where your health & body are right now, or where you want to go!