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BUYER BEWARE: Damian & I conquered my adrenal fatigue & thyroid/Hashimoto’s disease naturally thru major nutrition, nutraceutical & environmental lifestyle shifts in how to manage and optimize human body energy systems naturally, just four years ago.

In total I was suffering from five auto immune and endocrine system imbalances – candida, pancreas pesticide toxicity, & partial Lupus as well – and we were able to correct them all naturally, with zero medication, by working with the bodies natural abilities to heal itself with patience, consistency, and accuracy over a year and a half time.

Part of that long 3.5 year journey to the edge of life and back, taught us an immeasurable amount of knowledge in regards to deciphering product ingredients and labeling for safety. So we want to warn you about products you may think may help you when you’re scraping for answers everywhere and don’t know where to turn, when if you’re in a state of imbalance they are potentially dangerous.

This new product, “Fall Fight”, says it’s a solution if you see hair falling out or are losing hair when you shower or brush.

Actually, when you notice an increase in hair falling out or weakening it can be one of the major indicators of your body talking back to you and telling you it’s in a state of imbalance, specifically metabolic damage & thyroid weakness. So you want to be very careful.

Taking a shampoo like this that is chemical, synthetic, and adds caffeine to it, and putting that in your body, when your thyroid is in a weakened state will only make your thyroid weaker.

In a state of metabolic imbalance & damage, caffeine, synthetics & chemicals are to be eliminated in an accurate manner to afford the body the chance to heal its natural energy systems.

If your hair is falling out, you need to have metabolic testing done with a integrative practitioner who reads bloodwork from a functional medicine perspective, not an allopathic medical perspective or else key indicators will be missed, diagnosis may be in error, and you’ll continue to remain sick & at risk.

We would highly suggest getting tested if you notice your hair falling out, before employing a product of this nature. This way you can identify definitely if there are internal imbalances going on in your body that you need to prioritize and make it critical to avoid certain beauty products for a period of time so you can heal your body.

In a state of metabolic imbalance, you do not want to utilize a product that adds chemicals and particularly caffeine into your systems. The skin of the human body, including the scalp, is completely porous and the bodies largest organ. Once the ingredients are in, they overwhelm your bodies toxic load, further disrupting your endocrine and immune system. By doing so, you’re prolonging and also potentially worsening your state of internal imbalance, and risking elongating your illness, and the costs of recovering from your illness/imbalance.

Thyroid imbalance / Hashimoto’s disease and adrenal fatigue are extremely serious & life threatening.

What the outside of the body looks like in a state of advanced chronic internal metabolic damage/imbalance

Here is a picture of what my internal systemic imbalances did to me over a period of two years of allopathic medical doctors misdiagnosis of my conditions, til we got on an integrative internal healing path to rebalance my immune, endocrine, digestive, and CNS systems, which were all completely awry at the hands of doctors repeated misdiagnosis of me for two years, and misreading of my bloodwork and thryoid tests.

I was dying from the inside out. We are so serious about helping others avoid what we went through, by sharing what we learned, that we’re willing to put this image out courageously & authentically to share with you what a body in a state of imbalance inside of inflammation, toxin, bacterial and pH overload, and systems that are no longer talking to one another correctly, can eventually come to and look like on the outside.

I had to leave my work completely to make saving  my life my full time job, and all the consequences that came with an advanced state of metabolic imbalance. Complete strangers would stop me in public and ask me what was wrong with me during this period of my life, and if they could help me, because of how visibly ill I was, and how weak I appeared with the chronic/adrenal fatigue, Hashimoto’s Disease, and other auto immune disease progression.

This is very serious, and it’s happening to way too many people today, and frankly Damian and I are pissed off about it and working our butts off through You & Improved Coaching to stop it.

It took us 1.5 years of committed patient integrative nutrition, nutraceutical, and lifestyle changes to reclaim my life and body, and we still live most of those changes today because of how greatly they improved our human body health, and our lives.

But that battle cost Damian Dube & I 3.5 years of our life to learn how to back out of naturally & achieve a level of human body balanced health we never knew prior, and over $30,000 in out of pocket natural healing costs to correct illnesses that were forced upon our lives that truly were completely unavoidable, if my diagnosis & treatment had been accurate the first time, not the eleventh time.

Please learn from our wisdom we share openly with you & take heed.

We don’t feel that what happened to us should ever have to happen to anyone else & we created You & Improved Coaching to share a mission of integrative human body education to end this & empower people to take their bodies & health back.

We will be sharing our story to the edge of life & back in the human body naturally, and our system of metabolic balance & excellence we learned on our journey, on our new facebook fan page launching soon. Watch for updates on our current fan page.

Please post your thoughts, frustrations, & questions below.

Keeping human bodies metabolically safe & healthy,

Coach Heather

Heather B. Dubé | Functional Nutritionist; Metabolic Practitioner; Founder, You & Improved Coaching, LLC

BA, CHHC, ACSM CWC, NASM CPT, On Fitness & Livestrong.com Writer, National Figure Competitor


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4 Comments → “ BUYER BEWARE: New product that will aggravate metabolic damage & adrenal fatigue ”

  1. Price FutrellNo Gravatar

    4 years ago

    What do you think of the nutraceuticals provided by Bioceutica. Formerly Ideal Health. Metabolic testing for ADMA, D.O.G. among others. Urine samples metabolically tested by lab to determine customized blend. Pretty neat actually. If you haven’t heard of them I can send you as much info as you’d like or none at all. :) Just was curious.

  2. Coach HeatherNo Gravatar

    4 years ago

    Thanks, Price, we utilize other providers for those products & services for our clients at this time. Thanks for your post. Great to meet you.

  3. MariaNo Gravatar

    2 years ago

    I had hyperactive thyroid. I allowed a dr to do RAI uptake. My life was never the same. Everything hurt. No one would listen. They told me my blood tests were fine , meanwhile eyes swollen, body aches and exhaustion didn’t seem to count. 4 years later My Gyno told me he thought I had adrenal exhaustion. I went to a naturopath and my primary who gave me 30 mg of hydrocortisone. Now I’m
    Trying to taper off and I look and feel like death. I don’t even recognize me anymore. I am disgusted and I have no idea how to get better.

  4. Coach HeatherNo Gravatar

    2 years ago

    Hi Maria – You can get better naturally. Please contact us at our new website e3EnergyEvolved.com, our team can assist you. This website is no longer active. Thanks!

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