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Debunking the western medicine food politics myth that high cholesterol and heart disease stem from egg yolks/cholesterol in food

Each week my husband and I get organic cage/hormone-free eggs; 12 cartons for 2 athletes. During on season for prep sometimes we hit 14 dozen: 168 eggs weekly.

The cashier, who now knows us for our strange food purchasing habits, breaks out boxes to transport our egg treasure, raising eyebrows.

We don’t consume 168 yolks; we consume a range of 1-3 yolks daily, in addition to other healthful fats, depending on where we are in athletic goals. The average person should consume 1-2 yolks daily for the health benefits as a general recommendation.

So why is our blood work described as the best doctors have seen in a career, and yet many shout about egg yolk cholesterol in relation to arterial health, heart disease, plaque build up, and triglycerides? Why have egg yolks been wrongly demonized by the medical community, AHA, and food political organizations?


Human body cholesterol function

We must first get clear on human body cholesterol function to understand its significance. It is actually a very healthy fat produced by the liver and non-negotiable for healthful human body maintenance.

Whether you consume it through food or not, your body produces it naturally. Most cholesterol comes from inside the human body itself, not from food; our first clue into debunking the medical theory on eggs.

You still need to consume it in small amounts to avoid nutrient deficiencies that lead to common illnesses. When you fail to give the body what it needs to generate itself and run its natural processes daily, this leads to the health problems we see today.

Cholesterol handles numerous critical jobs in human body. Here are some of the big ones. It is the bodies’ main healing substance; the precursor in our skin for vitamin D absorption, which prevents cancer; a critical component of the human brain; protects all cell membranes throughout the entire human body (also in relation to preventing cancer); needed for proper hormone production and balance; and required for vitamin K absorption to fight free radicals.


Western medical doctors are missing the mark

Western medicine is symptom focused, whereas holistic and integrative functional medicine is root cause focused.

It would seem simple that if someone’s cholesterol levels are high it must just be genetics and foods that have cholesterol in it causing the problem, right? Not so.

As a holistic health and nutrition practitioner, I advise we look deeper at all the internal human body processes, noticing the commonalities of people who tend to have problems with cholesterol levels, heart disease, and plaque build up.

First, one of the main causes of high cholesterol is actually the Standard American Diet (SAD), which is generally comprised of 80-85% processed sugars and packaged, refined foods.

The average American consumes way too much processed food daily as their main source of sustenance; foods that are entirely devoid of any nutritional value whatsoever to the human body, leading to health problems and imbalances.

This sort of common American nutrition approach generates a ton of free radicals inside the body daily which travel through the blood stream and significantly damage the arterial walls, creating divots if you will also known as lesions.

As a healing response because the human body is brilliantly made, the body cues the liver to release cholesterol to go out into the bloodstream and heal these divots by literally shellacking the arterial walls to fill these lesions back in. (Pfohl et al 1999; Germany)

The problem is, people just keep consuming so much processed, refined, sugar-filled foods, the process keeps repeatedly itself and eventually the cholesterol build up is too much.

When I have holistic nutrition mentoring clients with high cholesterol I immediately replace many processed foods with key nutrient-dense ones, add in components that lower internal inflammation naturally, and this consistently creates a positive test result in their triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

Other common causes in the human body that drive cholesterol levels up:

  • stress increasing cortisol and internal inflammation
  • genetics
  • lack of movement
  • high toxic load overburdening liver and proper lipid synthesis
  • not consuming enough vegetables
  • consuming TFAs, vegetable fats, partially hydrogenated fats, and rancid fats causing toxicity and free radical damage
  • nutrition being the least

In fact, research shows that much less than 50% of cholesterol that is consumed through food is actually absorbed by our digestive system; another clue that debunks the medical yolk theory. The only exception is human milk where the body releases a special enzyme into the milk to ensure the baby receives large amounts of cholesterol, which are required at that time for proper brain and cognitive development.


The only safe, effective high cholesterol solution

A 1999 Journal of Nutrition study showed plant stanols and sterols, derived from fruit and vegetable pulp, have significant LDL lowering ability. Vegetables are one of the lowest consumed nutrient-dense foods of the SAD.

Medical doctors attack egg


yolk cholesterol, but never successfully eliminate the health imbalance with statins, which research shows do nothing to lower cholesterol. The only wa

y to lower cholesterol levels safely and effectively is holistic nutrition and holistic health modalities.

Demonizing cholesterol is rooted in food politics and keeps people distracted from food truths. Today, my husband and I are blessed too experience our own bodies entirely free of health imbalances or disease – from allergies, to rashes, to migraines, to lactose intolerance – there is not one thing we suffer from living a holistic health and holistic nutrition lifestyle that includes egg yolks.

Proof that the answer is not eliminating yolks. The answer is movement; vegetables; eliminating toxins, processed foods, unhealthy oils; and learning how to use holistic health and holistic nutrition skills to proactively support internal human body systems to do their jobs effectively.

If you have questions about using functional holistic nutrition to manage cholesterol naturally, please post your comments below. We’re happy to help!

Coach Heather

Heather B. Dubé | Functional Nutritionist; Metabolic Practitioner; Founder, You & Improved Coaching, LLC

BA, CHHC, ACSM CWC, NASM CPT, On Fitness & Writer, National Figure Competitor


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  1. lindaNo Gravatar

    2 years ago

    my dr wants to put me on generic lipitor. my LDL is 190. my HDL is 75. my triglycerides are 71. i’m a 50 year old female and have been living lo-carb for about 2 years. run 15 miles a week plus bootcamp 3 times a week. i’m active. i eat meat/salad and need to eat more veggies. i do not want to take drugs for my cholesterol – am interested in your thoughts?? thank you! Linda

  2. Coach HeatherNo Gravatar

    2 years ago

    Hi Linda, thanks for your note. There are some great nutrition suggestions for you to follow along right in our article here! I would put those into practice over time, minimum 3-4 mos just to begin! You answered one of your own questions, eat more veg. :) This is no longer an active blogging site for us. If you have more questions though, send them in our contact form, and we will send you the link and info on where you can find us currently blogging now online. We also are on staff writers for Experience Life magazing, and OnFitness magazine, so you can find us monthly in each of their pubs to learn more about the therapeutic nutrition philosophies and tips we share. If you need corrective therapeutic nutrition consulting to beat this, send us a request on our contact form & we will have our team send you information on our current distance programs. We support clients all over the globe, we even have clients all the way in Dubai!! Good luck!

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