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Are You Using Food to Fill Your Soul?

Here’s how to conquer this common spiritual life trap we see so many potentially vibrant souls fall into.

Seek answers to the emotional/mental/spiritual void that food is physically filling for you.

We do this over long periods of time by turning our mind focus inward on our body daily in SILENCE, learning to connect the two regularly, practicing self-care daily that uplifts and honors our physical body, and coming to know just how powerful food is….as a tool to heal & create the human body as well as your entire life experience.

While most are completely out of touch with this fact…everything they lift to their lips is literally creating their entire experience not only of their human body, but of their emotional, mental & spiritual filter of their lives.

So you are either CHOOSING to give yourself a GIFT everyday, or you are CHOOSING to steal it from yourself, and you pass that on to all those around you as you choose, including children who learn more from our ACTIONS than our WORDS.

Shift your mindset to understand that you have the POWER everyday in everything you do to CHOOSE YOU….and you are worth it.

You think you’re FILLING your soul, but in actuality all you’re doing is weighing your spirit DOWN, and prohibiting it from FLYING FREE & HAPPY on your journey.

Now let go of the foods that steal that gift from you, and choose the ones that fully allow you to embrace yourself in love, compassion, and caring.


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