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As a holistic nutritionist who competes as a natural women’s figure bodybuilding athlete, you see a lot of athletes & professionals working as a nutrition coach teaching clients to use a laundry list of calorie-free, fat-free or sugar-free foods for caloric reduction as a weight management technique.

As someone whose suffered from serious illness such as chronic fatigue & been healed only through an advanced holistic detox nutrition program after medical doctors failed my health & body, I can promise you these foods actually limit the potential of your body & health to be at it’s best. What is in, and what is not in your foods, that your body needs or doesn’t need, is determining your quality of health daily. The problem is most people don’t know have the knowledge of what their internal body systems are doing daily, or what they require to be well & function optimally.

While balancing energy in versus energy out does matter, this approach needs to be combined with an approach that gives the body what it needsnutritionally INSIDE to be healthy in order to be effective & lose weight in the quickest way possible.

What is best for the inside of your body will ALWAYS matter more than what appears to be best for the outside of your body, and this approach will always create better results than just taking a basic nutrition approach that has been referred to in the industry to as ‘clean eating’ known around gyms, fitness, The Biggest Loser type shows, and various publications, and yet is not clean eating on your bodies terms.

If you aren’t using an advanced holistic nutrition approach that takes into account what feeds the internal body systems for optimal function & avoids health conditions such as cancer coming on in your lifetime, etc. than you’re missing out on the opportunity to…

  • be healthier
  • avoid disease
  • heal disease & health imbalances naturally – from allergies, to skin conditions, to depression, neurological problems, diabetes, digestive disorders such as IBS, acid reflux, high cholesterol, and the list goes on
  • and YES to have a lean body at ANY age that blows away those using calorie, fat & sugar free foods in their diet

Sadly I’d estimate 70-80% maybe even more of professionals as a nutrition coach, fitness coach, nutrition expert or RD tout use of calorie, fat & sugar-free products because they’re not aware of the numerous downsides of them for the human body, or how to take a more effective nutrition approach to weight & health management.

Here are 3 Ways Calorie, Fat & Sugar-Free Foods Are Sabotaging Your Best Health & Body….

  1. All of these foods are sweetened with artificial sweeteners, the biggest culprit being sucralose…AKA Splenda. Newsflash, Splenda is not a food – it’s a chemical created by Johnson & Johnson, yes the company that makes shampoos, medicines, cleaners. Sucralose is a chlorine bleach molecule which is how these chemical companies essentially make it a calorie-free food because the GI tract will not allow that molecule to pass through the large intestine wall as a matter of your survival as it’s a dangerous toxin!! So that is how it becomes calorie-free because your body simply won’t digest it. Your liver has to purge that from your system to keep your human body safe & alive, but anytime you up your toxic load you are lowering your bodies ability to have a higher metabolic rate to be healthier, in better shape & lose weight.
  2. All of these foods also have other junk chemicals in them that disrupt your internal health unfortunately…excito-toxins, neuro-toxins, chemicals, on top of the artificial sweeteners. Here it is sweet & simple…if you can’t pronounce it or it didn’t come from nature, it is of no use to your body or health as a nutrient, so all you’re doing is adding stuff into the works that slows your metabolic rate & body from functioning as it’s best, while potentially welcoming illness down the road, and disrupting your bodies key systems such as it’s neurological system, hormonal, etc. For example, Xantham Gum – really people? Does this sound like something your body makes hair, tissue, cells & ligaments from? Not quite. :-)
  3. Fat-free foods are loaded with sugars and sweeteners which weigh down your immune system & metabolic rate, while ratcheting up your daily carbohydrate intake typically way over the % that your body needs to function, therefore storing extra kcal on the body & making weight loss much, much harder. And here’s a BIG newsflash for you, fat is most key macro-nutrient for optimal brain, body, cellular, neurological and overall health function – the key is getting the right fats, in the right amounts, at the right times based on your individual health & body needs & goals – most people don’t know how to do this, and it’s leading to numerous needless health problems we see today – from neurologicaldisorders, depression, skin disorders, etc. and YES weight problems. If you remove a key nutrient from your food intake that the body needs to survive, you are wrongly cueing your body that it’s not going to get ample levels of fat, so as a survival response it will slow down your RMR (resting metabolic rate) & I mean WAY down, and guess what?? It will begin to store fat & food on your body as a defense mechanism where you are bringing on your own obesity, and/or not getting as lean as you could be if you were approaching fat nourishment properly.

And a BONUS TIP - all of these foods components disrupt & delay your digestive processes, and anytime you disrupt your digestion you’re getting less of a lean body than you could be naturally & easily, as well as welcoming in health problems.

No matter what your nutrition coach tells you, fake chemicalized foods that people use for weight management, in fact delay your best weight & body, AND come with risk of illness & disease. It’s why our country has ever-growing cancer rates, thyroid problems, allergies, skin issues, you name it! Your quality of health begins and ends on the inside of your body & no calorie, fat or sugar-free foods will ever circumvent the truths & principles by which the human body functions.

If you’d like to experience the fast health & body results an advanced holistic detox nutrition approach can offer, it’s really easy!  Check out our original holistic nutrition recipes cookbook & try our own original detox nutrition + sports nutrition theory approach to creating your best health & body.

Also, keep an eye out for our 2 Week Detox Nutrition Online Group Coaching Program where only a few select people will receive advanced nutrition coaching on how to try detox nutrition in your life & home step-by-step for optimal health, body & healing, launching this March. It’s a fabulous way to jump-start your weight loss for spring, as whole foods detox yields quick, effective weight loss while cleansing the liver, healing health imbalances & revving up your metabolism naturally!

In celebration of your best & fastest body results,

Coach Heather

Heather B. Dube’, Industry Natural Health, Nutrition & Fitness Expert

Natural National Level NPC Figure Competitor; Fitness Model; Holistic Nutritionist; Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner; ACSM Health Coach; NASM Private Trainer; National Association of Nutrition Professionals; American Association of Drugless Practitioners

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