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So 9 mos down on my training program, a 1/2 year or so more to go. And then there will be more work to do after. Entering the new year has made me very reflective on the hard work I completed in 2010 in my competitive goals, as well as my goals to continue to change & improve my body & health each year, and continually be improving & getting better. This is a mind body attitude I learned from my husband’s bodybuilding mentality when we first met, and I continue to be invigorated around by my coaches.

A smart lady & former national competitor from our Team ADP, Nichole Herro Guenther, reminded me last week when we were chatting about training for national competition – when you’re a natural athlete EVERY day is work, there is no  ’offseason’ – you have to be ON every single day.

As we turn into the new year of 2011, I stare down the rest of my long training path with 1 day, 1 goal in mind …still months from now & I am filled with a renewed respect for my industry peers that walk the long, grueling, dedicated & sacrificial path natural athletes walk.

Being a natural competitive athlete transforms & becomes your life & the life of those around you. Anything else will fall short when you get to the stage. It consumes your mind, your body, and your soul. It soaks into every pore of your being, to the point you are at a heightened sense of focus & intensity every day, and have a desire to win so deep within you that you can literally taste the dream itself on your tongue each morning you wake up & determine when you’re training & the six times you’ll be eating again that day, and if you need to go get therapeutic massage that day too to work out knots for optimal muscular contraction & physique development. ;-)

If people could only see for a brief glimpse what an athlete’s days look like – the daily effort, focus, relentless positive mentality & position of belief, time, $ & energy for endless months & years of multiple people that go into supporting just 1 athlete with 1 single goal for 1 single day in their life far, far away months and years down the road. If people could experience for a moment what it feels like to commit every last breath within you & of those around you to a path that long for such an uncertain promise of potential of realizing your dream of athletic achievement.

The natural path is months & years of challenge, evolution, sacrifice, dedication, courage & daily commitment for your 5 mins of stage under scrutiny of a judging panel who didn’t walk the last 18-24 mos with you, see every ounce of your being you gave, and yet you put everything into it and you put yourself out there for that small chance of winning.

It’s a path I never envisioned walking in my life, but a path I am so grateful to have the opportunity to walk as I learn more about & shape myself further into who I’m becoming every day closer to my goal.

I wish I could share it with so many around me, because I know that it would inspire them to know that hey – committing weekly to a goal just 3 mos away doesn’t seem that impossible anymore, does it? ;-) Because it shouldn’t. It’s all in your mind, what you decide is possible for you or not…all you have to do is wake up each day & choose to believe. That’s how we roll… if your goal is 3 mos away, or 24 months away, just choose to believe…and then step into daily action.

In health & body mastery,

Coach Heather

Heather B. Dube’, Expert Lean Body & Weight Loss Results Mentor
Natural National Level NPC Figure Competitor; Fitness Model; Holistic Nutritionist; Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner; ACSM Health Coach; NASM Private Trainer; National Association of Nutrition Professionals; American Association of Drugless Practitioners

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