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Hey friends!

Damian & I wanted to share some of the fun, wacky & unique things that go on in our world with you so we’ve posted a new album in the group that we’ll be updating with new ‘moments’ from time to time.

It’s a look into the crazy, evolving, intense, fun lifestyle we have in fitness competition & coaching. As a visual person, I find images help me to learn & see in new ways. So we want to share images from our world of how we make our health happen daily in our own lives with our unique mindset & strategies that ensure health & body stay on our to-do list 365 days a year joyously! :-)

So you just might find something in here that interests you! Check it out – A Day In the Life Of…

Thanks for sharing with us. :-)

In grateful service to your mind-body connection,

Coach Heather

Heather B. Dube’, Expert Lean Body & Weight Loss Results Mentor
National Level NPC Figure Competitor; Fitness Model; Holistic Nutritionist; Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner; ACSM Health Coach; NASM Private Trainer; National Association of Nutrition Professionals; American Association of Drugless Practitioners

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