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“The 9 Things You Must Increase To Decrease Weight Faster”

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When most think about the topic of weight loss or managing their body composition they knee-jerk into the mindset of taking things away or deprivation to achieve weight loss or a better body, but in fact that mindset is the exact OPPOSITE of what needs to be done.

If you’re approaching your body, health & nutrition properly the way it’s built to function & working within it’s natural processes, the most efficient way to generate quality health & body weight  is an approach to nutrition that involves actually eating MASS amounts of food & eating them all day long! A bountiful approach to eating which actually makes your body smaller!

To this end there are non-negotiable principles in the game of weight loss success that will allow you to lose weight on the FAST-TRACK if you add them in. And a few of them are counter-intuitive & you’ll find rather surprising! All of the below need to be increased for the average person & increasing them to the correct amounts & times are critical to your weight loss success.

Depending on what demands you put on your health & body daily, you may require even more than the next person – this is where having a goals-based nutrition & supplementation plan personalized for your own health & body goals will get you FASTER RESULTS than say, throwing sh-t at a wall & hoping that it sticks when trying to reach your health goals which is sadly what most are doing in hopes they get ‘somewhere’ ….although they’re not quite sure where they’re going ….or how to get there.

So here they are!!

The 9 Things You MUST Increase to Decrease Weight Faster…

  1. SLEEP – when we sleep our body does it’s best work – rest & repair is critical for achieving the full scope of results from your workouts, including release of growth hormone in your brain that happens during sweet dreams, so get those zzzz’s – if you’re cheating yourself of sleep you’re cheating your weight loss results
  2. RELAXATION – hormones are a non-negotiable factor in the weight loss game – cortisol, insulin, etc. all play critical roles in your ability to lose weight – and you can advance your weight loss results by learning how to use nutrition, supplementation & exercise to maximize these hormonal processes naturally to get advanced body transformation results much quicker than the next person will achieve when lacking a targeted program design approach – but in the meantime do yourself a favor if you don’t have a targeted program design built for you & schedule in regular down time to keep stress levels low for faster weight loss
  3. WEIGHT - yeah, you read that right – increase your weight, but I’m talking about the weight you lift in a strength training session – this is the biggest mistake we see people make as they’re not clear of what they can do as well as how to approach their fitness in order to put sufficient weight on your frame to lift enough to create advanced transformation & faster weight loss – here’s the reality, folks — the more energy you expend out of the body, the quicker energy flies OFF your body instead of storing on it YOU in the form of food
  4. PURE H2O – detoxification of the body indirectly speeds up metabolic rate – increase your clean water  intake & you shed weight faster
  5. HEALTHY FATS – all you no-fatters are your own worst enemy – not to mention the numerous health illness and imbalances that can result from healthy fat nutrient deficiency INCLUDING CANCER – the simple truth is, our bodies require fat to burn fat, yes the amounts, times & sources are also relevant, but having NO fats or the WRONG fats is hindering your ability to amp up your weight loss results
  6. NUTRIENT-DENSE VEG – let’s get clear on what this means – NO ketchup doesn’t count, NO iceburg lettuce doesn’t count, NO 1 pesticide-laden tomato slice on your Subway sandwich doesn’t count – I’m talking about the holy grail of nutrition – spinach, kale, collards, the chard, brocolli – the real hearty fibrous “good for you & your colon too” yum yums – increasing these will help you lose weight quicker for reasons too numerous here to mention
  7. CLEAN LEAN PROTEIN- here is the only thing I have to say to explain this principle -  everyone is under-eating protein for optimal body composition, function, illness-avoidance & weight management – it requires the right amounts, times & protein sources for fast weight loss, but I promise you you’re not having enough to speed your weight loss results
  8. EFA’s - essential fatty acids are called essential because the body cannot produce enough on it’s own for optimal health & function – this means YOU have to provide them through food & supplements, and today you cannot eat enough of them from your foods, so supplementing is a non-negotiable – EFA’s offer numerous health benefits to the body & brain including lowering internal inflammation. Again here the quality, timing and amounts all need to be individualized to the person, but just knowing that you need them you’re ahead of the game
  9. ADVANCED SUPPLEMENTATIONlet’s get one thing clear -  because I hear some health coaches laugh off the need for supplementation as if it’s frivolous & unnecessary because they have no experience with them at an advanced level of creating body transformation results - WHAT IS YOUR CLIENTS GOAL? Is their goal to get results faster? Is their goal to feel better or heal? Is their goal to look their best? …or to be able to fit in healthy eating in today’s ridiculously busy lifestyle? Because I haven’t had one coaching client yet that didn’t come to us to provide these results for them & you can bet your butt supplementation is part of the path to ALL of those results …if you’re doing them quickly, effectively & in an advanced manner. Not being able to support clients with advanced supplementation program design as a health coach cheats your clients out of the results they COULD be getting & in a lot LESS time :-(

From balancing key hormones in the advanced weight loss result game, to adhering to eating in a manner that puts your metabolic rate on overdrive, supplements are a KEY piece of that plan.

How do we know this? Here’s the deal… there is no fitness & nutrition professional or advanced athlete in the industry that we hang & collaborate with that doesn’t have a kitchen cabinet FULL of supplements.  They don’t leave home without them for good reason, they take them at very critical windows in time based on the bodies natural processes for very intentional reasons, & in fact we all travel with a small suitcase of them typically when we fly. :-) So, that has to say something –

Typically, when we offer our clients their personalized supplement program designs as part of their targeted mentoring program, they’re pretty blown away at the value of what they get & understandably because it’s so far from the norm of what you’re told by media or untrained Doctors you need which forms your expectations wrongly – 1 sub-par synthetic multi? Puh-lease…

Are you seeking a NORMAL body? Do you want NORMAL quality of health? Look around you today at what that means. Frightening…. Do you want the body your Doctor has? HELLLZ NO – I don’t! When have you seen a Doctor with a rocking physique? If you do, please twitpic it to me!

Don’t expect to get top level health & body results with an average or sub-par approach. It was Einstein who said the definition of insanity is to keep doing what you’re doing, but to expect different results.

If you want to create similar body transformation results that the change makers of the industry do, then you need to get on their weight loss party train, people  – don’t ignore the results they create repeatedly with personalized & proper supplementation to advance weight loss. Still want to refute supplements are needed? Or maybe I should ask you this…if you can achieve better results in less time, wouldn’t you want to? ;-)

Supplementation done right is an art unto itself that very few have the ability to do accurately to speed weight loss other than those who have proven to generate natural healing & body transformation results with different supplement lines for years in their experience. It’s NOT an area to delve into as a layman OR with no proven experience or results. If you apply it wrong you can waste a lot of money & time & potentially do more harm than good.

Want to Learn About Advanced Nutrition & Supplementation Program Design for Faster Weight Loss?

Check out our expert coaching programs where we mentor you on proper nutrition, supplementation & fitness theory, including timing, sources, and amounts to create optimal health & natural healing, and to YES advance your weight loss results.

Healthy mind, body & spirit,


Coach Heather

Heather B. Dube’, Expert Lean Body & Weight Loss Results Mentor
Holistic Nutritionist; Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner; National Level NPC Figure Competitor; ACSM Health Coach; NASM Private Trainer; National Association of Nutrition Professionals; American Association of Drugless Practitioners

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2 Comments → “ The 9 Things You Must Increase To Decrease Weight Faster ”

  1. Cheryl HeppardNo Gravatar

    3 years ago

    Great article! Sleep is so important and yet in this busy society it’s the first thing people skimp on. I agree that taking the right supplements is key to a healthy weight and balancing hormones as well.

  2. Coach HeatherNo Gravatar

    3 years ago

    Thanks for reading Cheryl & offering your expert insight as a health coach. Hormones are definitely a key way to up your weight loss game plan. :)

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