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So you’ve probably noticed that the endless summer celebrations are not necessarily conducive to taking off the sarong or sun dress & busting out your bikini, with the menus of hot dogs, sausages, hamburgers, chips galore, ice cream, cake, beer, sodas & alcohol. I’m getting a stomach ache just writing about it!

So how does one navigate all this unhealthy fare to stay on top of their health & body & not pack on the LB’s during the summer months when you’re desiring to be pool-ready? With our insider food coach tips you can celebrate maintaining your health & body, while celebrating the season!

So here are our best food coach tips to help you navigate this summer’s party scene, still enjoy yourself, but not sacrifice your health & body at the same time by taking in improper food choices or amounts that will weigh down your body over time!

1. Be Proactive – BYO-VEG! Don’t Assume there will be healthy choices at the party – Why not bring the veggie platter & some unsweetened ice tea whether you’re asked to contribute food items or not? When you’re about living a healthy lifestyle, a little planning ahead to ensure you have access to healthy foods when in situations out of your control will go a looooooong way. Get used to it!

2. Avoid Drinking Your Calories - When it comes to drinking set boundaries before you go for many reasons – Between the soda & the alcohol it’s possible to almost drink easily the total kcal you need for one day’s energy needs, but of course this does nothing but destroy your health & body! HUGE no-no!

Mineral water w/ a splash of lemon & lime sweetened with a natural no-kcal sweetener like stevia which comes from a natural herb/plant is the perfect refreshing summer natural lemonade no calorie treat that will still allow you to feel great about your body pool-side & lose the towel or cover-up!

3. Eat a Little Something Before Go - Definitely avoid the endless hours of gorging mindlessly – if you go to a party hungry and not having eaten prior or for even hours, you will no doubt over-consume calories & a lot of the wrong food sources at that.

Do you know how easy it is to gain weight simply from attending parties where poor food choices abound that are high caloric & low nutrient? Insanely easy – if you simply overeat 10 kcal a day you would gain over 1 lb of fat per year - 10 kcal is NOTHING friends, you could eat that in vegetables!!

Now think about the incredibly needless amount of endless calories in cookies, crackers, chips, soda, cakes, ice cream, alcohol, sausages, hot dogs..and the list goes on. And now you see why we have such a horrible high obesity rate today in both adults & children sadly.

4. Choose 1-2 cups of fruit for dessert over the refined sugary desserts – step away from the ice cream, cookies, cakes & pies….slowly, slowly. :-)

Fruit has fructose which is a natural sweetener, and while it still needs to be consumed in limited amounts & most people today are still over-consuming the daily fruit necessary, it remains your best treat or dessert choice with nutrient density to offer your health & body, while being a great cooling food that balances your core body temperature naturally to maintain wellness during the summer months & keeping your caloric intake lower.

5. Bread or Chips – NOT Both: Here’s where you will totally overwhelm your total carbohydrate intake needed for the day while at summer gatherings. So a great food coach strategy is to choose to consume one or the other in a limited amount while at the party. If you want to enjoy a few chips, then lose the burger bun. If you’d rather have the burger bun, then don’t consume the chips – if you eat both, then you’re tipping the scales in more ways than one.

6. Get your Grilled Chicken On! There is no way around the fact that chicken is your healthiest meat choice typically at summer parties, unless they’re grilling fish. Lose the cancer-causing cured meats – hot dogs, sausage, lunch deli meats – that are doing major harm to your health & body & get yourself some lean, healthy skinless grilled chicken - one that’s not slathered in sugar-filled BBQ sauce either.


Skip the Dips & Sauces for this Powerhouse Nutritious Option – Salad dressing, chip dips, BBQ sauce, etc. — all these endless sauces have ZERO nutritional value & a BOATLOAD of empty calories. 99% of them are filled with chemicals & garbage that weigh down your metabolism & your waste line.

Make a homemade fresh guacamole which is a wonderfully versatile dip, salad dressing, and condiment for burgers and sandwiches, yet still offers your body a healthy, nutrient-dense, fiber-packed fruit that’s also a wonderfully healthy fat source for your body!

So there you have it!

SEVEN Total Summer Party Nutrition Coach | Food Coach Strategies to chill poolside keeping your health & body in check throughout the summer months so you can be empowered to make healthier decisions while celebrating in a way that both YOU & your body can feel GREAT about!

Healthy mind, body & spirit,


Coach Heather

Heather B. Dube’, Expert Lean Body & Weight Loss Results Mentor
Nutrition Coach; Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner; Figure Competitor; Private Trainer
You & Improved Coaching | Shape Your Body, Shape Your Life. (TM)



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