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Are you underestimating the power of nutrition & overestimating the power of your workouts? As a nutrition coach I find most wrongly perceive their body as stagnant – they believe they can eat whatever they want & as long as they hit the gym, they’re ‘safe’ – the ‘bad food’ just burns off & melts away so they’re home free. Not so!!

What you consume CREATES your entire self – your hair, nails, cells, bones, tissue, muscle, organs, and so on. Poor nutrition choices don’t disappear whether you hit the gym or not, they stay WITHIN your entire being at a cellular level. You can have pizza cells or vegetable cells, it’s really up to you. As a nutrition coach of course I choose vegetable cells for my body. :-) Some days I feel like I may even transform into a stalk of living, breathing rainbow chard because we consume so many veggies!

One of the major benefits of obtaining support from an expert holistic nutrition coach is they can show you how to take foods that you enjoy like a pizza or hot dogs for example & create them in a way that generates internal health for your body instead, as well as great taste by integrating healthful whole foods ingredients. This way you can make a switch from high calorie, low nutrient empty illness causing foods, to low calorie, high nutrient-dense power-packed life generating foods that fuel your body, without losing the foods you enjoy or feeling deprived!

So you decide – are you creating a dorito hamburger ice cream body prone to cells that go awry & turn into cancer or other illness, or are you creating a vibrant, youthful, age-fighting, high energy, healthy whole foods nutrition body free of illness for a lifetime?

The coolest part? You control the end outcome of the quality of health you have for a lifetime.

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