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The EWG tested 10 Americans in 2004 for 413 chemical contaminants in their blood…

**They found 287 total chem contaminants total -
**200 chem contaminants found in each person on average -
**212 of the industrialized chemicals & pesticides found in their blood were banned over 30 years ago; so how did they get there??
**Out of the chemicals found 134 are associated with cancer in people, 151 to birth defects, 154 with hormone disruption,186 with infertility, 130 with immune system disruptions, 158 of them neurotoxins….

You’ll never guess how old these study participants were when they found these chemical contaminants in their blood & why….

There has been an unexplained 62% increase in childhood leukemia from 1973 – 1999, a 40% increase in childhood brain cancer from 1973-1994, autism is now 1 out of 150 in children, infertility rates have increased 20% in the last 10 years, 1 in 7 women developing breast cancer, 1 in 3 women developing cancer and 1 IN 2 MEN DEVELOPING CANCER IN THEIR LIFETIME…..the risk of developing cancer in your lifetime is greater in the US than in any other country in the world…

Don’t wait for a government agency to educate or inform you on public health contaminants and how they’re not regulating contaminants in our environment in order to protect us because you’ll be waiting forever.

What we need is to start taking personal responsibility for ourselves and our families to get educated, start asking the right questions & DEMANDING answers & reform.

People donate endless money to cancer research, autism research, leukemia research, when sadly our time & money is best spent focusing on the ROOT cause & eliminating disease at the SOURCE. Put your efforts where it will truly make a difference towards eliminating illness & disease.

Take the time to watch this, it’s eye-opening & IT EFFECTS YOU & YOUR FAMILY…

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